Q: What materials are used to make the brush heads and bristles? Are the materials safe?

A: The brush head is made of food-grade POM. Bristles for adults are made of PBT, and bristles for kids are made of DuPont nylon. Both are safe and reliable.

Q: How often should I replace the brush head?

A: It varies for each individual and it depends on the brushing habits. Dentists recommend that the brush head should be replaced every 2-3 months.

Q: Can I use brush heads from other brands?

A: We do not recommend you use toothbrush heads that are not manufactured or not certified by evowera. Otherwise, it is possible that the brush head and the handle may not fit well or work properly, affecting the brushing performance and causing abnormal noise or loose match.

Q: There is a gap between the toothbrush head and the handle. Does it indicate a product problem?

A: Normally, there is a gap of about 3 mm between the brush head and the brush handle to ensure the easy run of toothbrushing water and maintain the cleanliness of this joint spot.

Q: Can I rinse the toothbrush after use? Is the screen waterproof?

A: planck mini is splash-resistant and water-resistant in normal use. The water resistance level reaches IPX7 according to GB/T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC 60529 (overseas) standards upon testing under laboratory conditions. However, the splash resistance and water resistance may decline with daily wear.

Q: The built-in screen looks grainier than that of smart phones. Is it a quality issue?

A: If the screen color and information display well, there is no quality problem. The PPI of the toothbrush screen is slightly lower than that of a mobile phone screen, which enables the 0.96-inch IPS screen of planck mini to show more information.

Q: Is the USB-C waterproof? Does it affect charging if it’s wet?

A: Keep away from water when charging. If the USB-C port gets wet, dry the port and the equipment could be charged normally again.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the toothbrush?

A: planck mini is powered by a 500mAh lithium battery.

Q: Normally, what is the battery life after the full charge?

A: planck mini can last up to 40 days after it’s fully charged. It takes just under 2 hours to charge from empty to full. The actual time period may vary due to different toothbrushes of different use frequency, environment temperature, and battery conditions.

Q: If the toothbrush gets damaged and I have to discard. How could I dispose of the battery?

A: If you are in a country or region that has strict requirements for the disposal of used lithium-ion batteries, please manage properly according to the local regulations. Feel free to contact evowera if you need any support. We appreciate your contribution to the environment.

Q: Can I view the unread messages I received in the past?

A: No. Currently, planck mini can only show the latest message.

Q: The toothbrush will vibrate if the force is too intense. Is there a medical reference for this? What is the recommended brushing force?

A: When brushing with >430 g force, the toothbrush will provide a vibration alert. With reference to a variety of dentistry studies, we recommend that the brushing force for adults ranges from 100 g to 350 g; As for kids, due to the lack of professional medical advice, we recommend kids use a manual toothbrush.

Q: How to identify the missed and well-brushed zones on the display screen?

A: The smart tech maps the teeth into 12 zones and detects and displays any zones that may need a second run by. The missed zones will be shown in yellow and the well-brushed zones will be in white.

Q: How is the accuracy of the uncleaned zone detection? Is it possible to improve the accuracy?

A: The latest algorithm developed by evowera provides higher accuracy and adaptability. Due to the diversity of human toothbrushing postures, the feature may not be ideal in certain circumstances. We recommend a standing brushing posture, which will help the sensor work better. In addition, as the use frequency increases, the learning ability of the algorithm will be enhanced and the accuracy will get improved as well.

Q: How to connect my toothbrush with evowera NSO app?

A: You can connect your toothbrush to the evowera NSO app via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Firstly, download the app and register your account, and then, click the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the “Device” page to add the device. Note: Please turn on Bluetooth before connecting your device to the evowera app and make sure to enter the Wi-Fi name and password with a good network. If your network only supports 5G Wi-Fi, you will need to set up your router accordingly to use 2.4G Wi-Fi or 2.4G/5G mixed Wi-Fi.

Q: During the process of updating the toothbrush flrmware via evowera NSO app, can I use other apps?

A: Yes,the update process will run automatically when you use other apps. Make sure to connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi and you could update the firmware via app.

Please download the evowera NSO App if you need support.